Last updated: Jul 11th, 2017 (for version 0.7)


Connections are not useful on their own, because user has to have some way of accessing them - so you can add triggers. Triggers are components that when tapped will invoke the transition - be it modal or push. The components that are allowed to become triggers can either be a Button, a Table Cell, a Collection Cell or Navigation Item.

You add triggers when you create components (or you can add them later through connection configuration). Those triggers will then get generated in the code and user can use them to access different screens. You are able to test them in the Supernova interactive preview as well. When you tap the component that is used as a trigger in the interactive mode, active selected controller will change depending on the configuration.

That's it, you've mastered navigation! Here, on us. We can see the pattern.

You are almost there, well done! There is only one thing left - to actually export the application for a platform of your choosing. Let's dive into the intricacies of each platform, and what will Supernova generate for you.

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